Global Energy Efficiency community gathered at CAREC Energy Investment Forum 2021

The CAREC Energy Investment Forum (EIF) is Central Asia’s flagship event to enable private investments in the energy sector. This year’s Forum discussed business opportunities in the field of energy efficiency to support CAREC members in doubling energy efficiency until 2030. The Forum was co-hosted by ADB and the Government of Azerbaijan. ADB Vice President Chen and Azerbaijan’s Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov opened the forum urging that energy efficiency is one of the most potent tools to decarbonize the energy sector in Central Asia and will be paramount in achieving the global climate targets. The Forum also hosted an Energy Efficiency Competition presenting innovative energy saving solutions from young start-ups in the region. ADB’s Director General Gaboury closed the forum highlighting the pivotal role of the private sector in delivering the required energy efficiency investments and stressed that relevant technologies are already widely available to reduce energy intensity in the CAREC region. Check the recording of the full event and the official press release.


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