Women in Energy Summit
Workshop Central and West Asia

Equal by 2030 – Time for Change

3 March 2022, 14:00-18:30 (Manila time zone)


What is the Women in Energy Summit?

This inaugural Women in Energy Summit will officially launch the Women in Energy Program for Central and West Asia following the commitment made by Energy Ministers of the region to achieve gender equality in the energy sector by 2030.

The Women-in-Energy Program is the first targeted initiative to advance women in the energy sector in the Central and West Asia region. The goal is to make the principles of EQUAL by 2030 the modus operandi in the region’s energy industry, making equal opportunity, equal pay, and equal leadership the new standard by 2030.

Who should attend:

  • Government, regulators, policy makers
  • Male and female energy professionals from Central & West Asia and beyond
  • Regional investors, equipment manufacturers, project developers, suppliers
  • Development banks, private banks, investment funds, insurers
  • Regional opinion makers and think tanks
  • Academics
  • Other stakeholders

Women must come out of the shadows in the energy sector

The emerging priorities on both renewable energy and energy efficiency opens new opportunities in the industry to diversify the sector’s workforce. The rise of a wide spectrum of new jobs in response to the greening of energy offers a timely window of opportunity to fundamentally change the current bias in the sector alongside enabling more women to rise to leadership positions in the traditional energy business.