CAREC Energy Strategy Pillar 1

Better Energy Security through Regional Interconnections

Being part of a larger electricity network and gas pipeline system allows energy to be traded at competitive prices, enables diversification of energy sources, and provides more reliable service to consumers. While some CAREC countries are rich in fossil and hydro resources, others lack sufficient domestic resources to adequately cover their energy demand. Seasonal variability among countries is also particularly pronounced.

The uneven distribution of energy resources and their complementarities provides a strong imperative for regional collaboration. Strengthening cross-border links will allow energy to flow smoothly between countries, reinforcing energy security and economic gains for all.

For energy networks to become more interconnected, a new regional mechanism for identifying projects of common regional interest through a platform that brings together transmission system operators (TSOs) from all over the region under one umbrella. This new regional TSO platform—the Central Asia Transmission Cooperation Association (CATCA)—shall be set up with a view to allowing network operators to discuss and produce longer-term regional network development plans. The aim of this initiative is to elevate grid expansion planning from a purely national level to a regional level, enhancing information sharing and harmonization of system operation rules and thus overall energy security in the region.

These measures will make energy more secure, accessible, and reliable for consumers in the CAREC region.

Pillar 1 Initiatives:

Realize TUTAP, TAP, and CASA-1000 electricity interconnection projects
Advance TAPI gas pipeline project
Identify new cross-border infrastructure projects
In progress
In progress
In progress

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