Cross Cutting Theme 2

Attracting Private Sector Investments across the Energy Value Chain

The energy infrastructure investment needs of the CAREC region (excluding the People’s Republic of China) in 2020–2030 are estimated at $400 billion. Currently, the investment levels are about a quarter of the expected level needed and about two-thirds of investments are public sector investments. The public sector can therefore meet only a fraction of the expected investment needs. Success in achieving the desired outcome from the implementation of the CAREC Energy Strategy 2030 hinges largely on creating enabling conditions for crowding in private and commercial capital, to relieve the growing pressure on government budgets.

A regional investment strategy shall be established with suitable partner organizations to guide policy makers in creating effective enabling conditions for private investments. The strategy shall provide recommendations and suggest key elements for a robust and harmonized regulatory framework across neighboring countries. This framework should include facilitation mechanisms for public–private partnerships and the possible establishment of a Central Asia Business Advisory Council to improve the climate for business and strengthen confidence-building measures for investors.

The CAREC program’s Energy Investment Forum shall remain the region’s flagship platform for actively promoting business–to–business (B2B) exchanges, encouraging start-ups, and drawing in entrepreneurs that can bring new and innovative business ideas into the energy sector.

Cross-Cutting Theme 2 Initiatives:

Prepare a regional investment strategy
Provide practical support to investors to enhance their business operations in the region

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