Cross Cutting Theme 3

Empowering Women in Energy

Globally, the energy sector remains one of the most gender-imbalanced, with women making up just 20% of the workforce. The region mirrors this global trend. To make women key drivers of innovative and inclusive solutions in the region, and help accelerate the transition to a clean energy future, concrete actions are needed to improve women’s participation in the energy industry and close the gender gap. There are long-term and proven advantages to be derived from having an inclusive and diverse workforce. The CAREC program has a role to act
as a champion of women empowerment and lead by example.

To increase women’s visibility in the energy sector, the CAREC Energy Strategy 2030 foresees the establishment of a dedicated Women in Energy Program to make women more employable and improve their career opportunities in the sector, besides setting up new regional networking and support facilities for women at all levels of society.

These measures should ensure the achievement of the overall vision of gender equity in the energy sector by 2030.

Cross-Cutting Theme 3 Initiatives

Implement CAREC Women in Energy Action Plan

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